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DCC Components for Other Systems - ALR900 Receiver
DCC Components for Other Systems
DCC Components for Other Systems
DCC Components for Other Systems
DCC Components for Other Systems
DCC Components for Other Systems
DCC Components for Other Systems
DCC Components for Other Systems
DCC Components for Other Systems
DCC Components for Other Systems
DCC Components for Other Systems
  Lenz DCC System
Wireless Throttle and Receiver
Lenz Wireless DCC

ALR900 Wireless Throttle Receiver

  • No Changes To Your Existing Lenz DCC System

  • Simple Connection To Xpressnet

  • Simple Setup

  • Supports Up To 8 Wireless Throttles

  • Selectable Operation Mode

  • Removable Antenna For Easy Transport

  • No Programming Necessary

Lenz DCC - ALR900 Wireless Throttle Receiver
With the addition of the ALR900 Wireless Receiver, CVP Products' popular wireless throttles can be used with any Lenz DCC system. The ALR900 plugs right into the ExpressNET throttle bus with the included cable. The ALR900 receiver works with all of CVP's wireless throttles instantly giving you the freedom of cordless throttle control. There is nothing special to do or learn.

Use The Wireless Receiver Along With Tethered Throttles - Or Not!

CVP's wireless throttles can be used alone or right along with your existing Lenz tethered throttles without any changes. For new installations, you may choose to use only wireless throttles and enjoy the freedom of no throttle bus wiring.

Supports Up To 8 Wireless Throttles

Each throttle uses its own frequency providing fast response to function key presses. Since each throttle has a dedicated frequency, response time is optimized and there is never any interference from other throttles. This mode is perfect for a modest size layout where no more than 8 throttles will be used simultaneously.

Easy Setup

All setup switches are readily available on the front panel. You can select from the different options or change them at any time without opening the chassis.

Easy Connection To Lenz System

The ALR900 plugs right into the Lenz system's control bus without any changes. This handy feature is helpful while determining the ALR900's location having the best overall reception - perfect for clubs and modular layouts.

ALR900 - Wireless Receiver For Lenz Systems . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $99

ALR900 Receiver User Manual
Download the ALR900 Wireless Receiver Manual for details on its operation and setup.

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T5000E - Wireless Throttle For Lenz System

The new T5000E is our 3rd generation wireless throttle which establishes yet another new benchmark for simplicity, capability and stability. Inside this value priced throttle are premium features and capabilities that our users have asked for or wished for in our prior generation throttles. With the help of a full graphics LCD, simple menus, on-screen messages, icons and intuitive key sequences insure you always know what to do next. And there is a T5000E model that includes a user controllable backlight.

The new T5000E wireless throttle offers a host of premium features such as long range, user adjustable transmit power levels, yet has a price that won't break your budget. It's fully compatible our other throttles. But, once you start using the T5000E, you won't wont to go back to the older units.

Choose A Sunlight Readable LCD or an LCD with a Backlight
There are two versions of the T5000E. Our standard T5000E throttle comes with a very bright sunlight visible LCD display. Our second model has a backlit LCD.

The backlit T5000E throttle includes a power efficient LED backlight. Just push the key labeled CONS (an abbreviation of contrast) to enhance the contrast of the LCD. Push the same key to turn it off. When on, the battery life is decreased less than 10%. But, for best results and the least effect on the battery, teach your operators to only use it if necessary. The display is still visible even without the backlight turned on.

Simple To Use
With its big graphic display and logical keyboard layout, your operators can pick up the throttle and instinctively know how to operate their train. Changing the speed or direction and controlling locomotive functions is simple and doesn't take an elaborate set of instructions.

Fast Response
The T5000E is optimized to provide fast response time and quick locomotive changes when many throttles and locomotives are active.

Comfortable and Convenient
The T5000E small size and convenient placement of the speed knob allows precise speed control. The design allows for convenient one handed operation - for both right and left handed operators. The sleek, balanced case makes the throttle very comfortable during long operating sessions.

No External Antenna
The T5000E has the antenna mounted inside the throttle. You no longer have to risk spearing fellow operators with an old fashioned whip antenna.

Plenty of Original Features - Plus Features Unique To The T5000E
  • 8 locomotive address memory slots
  • Quick-swap to last loco address
  • Linked locomotive and radio frequency
  • 11 different transmitter power levels
  • Configurable Auto-shut off timer
  • Big speed control knob
  • Optional belt clip
  • Quantity discounts available
Lenz DCC - T5000E Wireless Throttle
Throttle measures 4.9" x 2.4" x 0.8"

T5000E Throttle
With or without Backlight

Lenz DCC - T5000E Wireless Throttle
The optional belt-clip mounts to
the back of the throttle
with the included screws.

  T5000Ex-S4 v4xx . . . . . . . . For the Lenz System

Wireless Throttle T5000E Flyer Wireless Throttle T5000E Operation Manual
The T5000E User Guide is formatted for
double-sided printing on a single sheet of
standard legal size paper (8-1/2" x 14")

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Prices do not include shipping or handling. Specifications, options, availability and pricing
are subject to change without notice. Available only in North/South America, and Japan.

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