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30 Day Trial And Product Warranty Details
Free Trial Period and One Of The Best Warranties Offered

30 Day Trial

30 Day Trial Period: Every item we sell will give you complete satisfaction or you may return it for a full refund (less shipping). You must call and obtain a return authorization number. The equipment must be returned within 30 days of delivery to purchaser.

Standard CVP Products Warranty Information

One [1] Year Limited Warranty: After obtaining a return authorization number, you return the equipment for repair. We will either repair or replace the faulty equipment for only the cost of shipping and handling (usually about $20).

Repairs required due to normal wear and tear, physical damage or electrical abuse will be made at a fair and reasonable charge. You must obtain an RMA before returning any items to us. Used equipment returned for repair will be assessed an additional charge. Click on the Services and Support link for details.

Warranty Notes and Exclusions

This warranty does not cover problems which result from improper installation, product modifications, battery polarity reversal, battery plug removal, improper operation, leaking batteries, excessive battery voltages, connections to 3rd party circuit boards, abuse, accidents, or acts of God such as excessive heat, floods, damage caused by exposure to moisture and rain, lightning, earthquakes, volcanic events, tidal waves or hurricanes. Normal wear and tear are also not covered. Items subject to wear and tear include chassis, knobs, slide switches, LCD displays, battery clips and holders, packs, the removable antenna, and antenna mounts.

DO NOT DRILL HOLES INTO THROTTLE CASES! This will instantly void all warranties.

DO NOT CUT PLUGS OFF BATTERY PACKS! This will instantly void all warranties.

DO NOT USE AIRWIRE devices for "Ride-On" locomotives or cars. This application is prohibited due to liablity issues.

Leaky Batteries Will Destroy A Throttle

Always remove alkaline batteries from a T6000 throttle if it will not be used for awhile. If the battery leaks and the chemical penetrates through the battery holder and gets on to the circuit board, the throttle will suffer damage that can not be repaired. The warranty does not cover leaky batteries.

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